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Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon


The Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon welcomes all residents in the Platte Canyon area of Park County, Colorado (Pine Junction to the top of Kenosha Pass), of any age, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other demographic designation to participate.

Membership is free.



Morning Perk-Up is BACK!!!!   May 18th 10:30 at Shawnee Community Center. Come make May baskets with Kathy

Coming up in June: Kitchen Herb Class  June 4.  Learn to plant kitchen herbs with CSU master Gardeners

SAPC has Home Covid tests available. Stop into the office to pick up.

SAPC is inviting Seniors to attend a fun, informative and interactive presentation on ways to reduce stress, followed by Chair Yoga! Join us to learn new ways of dealing with all the stresses in our lives on Friday May 6 from 2 - 3:30 at he Platte Canyon Fire Station. Presented by Diversus Health COVID Response Team,

Mountain Resource Center has a Food Truck coming to the Bailey Center Parking Lot every Wed., 2-3:30 PM.  Please see the attached flyer for details.  You will need to fill out a form the first time you receive food from the Food Truck.

Please see Calendar for Time and Location Changes for our Monthly Meetings!


Who We Are

The Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon was formed by area citizens interested in improving services to Seniors in the Platte Canyon area of Park County. We are a volunteer run and staffed organization.



The mission of the Seniors Alliance of Platte Canyon is to connect seniors from Pine Junction to Kenosha Pass through advocacy, education, socialization, and local resources.

We believe all seniors are entitled to a quality of life that sustains their health and well-being.


In the past year, we have provided  referrals to  seniors looking for medical insurance after retirement, legal counselling, and transportation to medical appointments.

We also advocated on a state and local level for testing and masks for rural Park County.

Last year we successfully advocated for the Widow’s Oil Food Pantry, which had been  designated as “non-essential” during the pandemic and cut from a food bank distribution route. The SAPC was able to communicate the need to the provider and food is once again available to the Widow’s Oil food pantry.



Educational presentations have been suspended until we are able to hold "in-person" meetings at the Crow Hill Fire Station or our Bailey office. Check the calendar for updates.


Colorado University classes for adults to audit at very low cost – Click Here for info.



Youth help with chores and maintenance

Lauren Addison 505-603-5952 ​

Crow Hill Bible Church youth group is a program where adults mentor youth for service projects. The youth are supervised/guided by an adult mentor from the church. Chores may include: shoveling snow, stacking firewood, carrying in firewood, helping with laundry, minor indoor home repairs, minor outdoor yard repairs (fencing, pet set up, etc.), moving furniture, caring for pets, walking pets, clearing fire hazards such as pine needles, slash, cleaning gutters, carrying in groceries, decorating for holidays (like installing Christmas lights, etc.), light handyman work, etc. And they are open to other needs and suggestions as well.


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